Still creating…

I have just spent all day making vintage mixed media kits, that will soon be available on my etsy shop and hopefully in some bricks-and-mortar shops too. My etsy shop has lots of lovely goodies in it at the moment, so please go and check it out! – The Amethyst Angel Please also tweet, share, pin and recommend to friends if you like any of the items 🙂

I have been mostly busy with my next novel at the moment, planning on publishing in June and I’m still in the editing stages! Oops! But as I’m feeling creative I though I would make a few things instead of edit today. My editor won’t be pleased, but I’m sure I will get on with the book tomorrow!




You are beautiful!

Woke up to a nice surprise this morning, my favourite new piece of jewellery that I shared with you yesterday was included in a Treasury list on etsy! You can see the Treasury here:

You are Beautiful

Big thank you to K Rose for including me!

It’s Springtime!

Happy Spring everyone! I have been very busy, hence the lack of posting, but I wanted to let everyone know that I have been filling my etsy shop with all sorts of lovely, pretty and shiny things! So head there now to check out what I’ve been up to in the last couple of months!

The Amethyst Angel

Here is one of my favourite pieces:

Hope you are enjoying the sunshine!

The Angel of Steampunk

Time has no meaning to angels. They are there to help us whenever we need them, however many times we need them. Their clocks have no hands to count the minutes that pass, they are always there, waiting in the wings for our voices to say – “Angels, I really need your help today.”



A year later…

I cannot believe it’s been a whole year since my last post. I promise it’s not pure laziness –  have just simply not made much in the whole year! I’ve had two very demanding and energy consuming jobs, and no space to craft in. Therefore – very little creating done in 2011. But that is all about to change! I now have my very own little space, and I plan on creating much in the coming year, and I will do my very best to  post pictures of my makes here. In the meantime, check out my links –  I will be adding the web addresses of all the blogs I have found recently and enjoyed immensely. I have actually already made my first creation of the year, but as it is a gift, I cannot post it until I’ve given it to the recipient, won’t be long though 🙂

Until then, keep warm, and keep creating!

I create, therefore I am…

Here’s the second challenge piece of January, made by Anne for my mum, who in return made something for Anne, I’ve sat out this time 🙂

 A big thank you to Anne from my mum! To see what my mum made, go to Anne’s blog :

Tune in for the next challenge, the first tuesday of February!

I create, therefore I am!

Well, here’s my first challenge piece, it’s also my first attempt at Steampunkery, though I need more cogs and things to make them look more mechanical. My second attempt was much better, but as it’s a present for Anne, I will leave it to her to put pictures of it on her blog if she wants to!

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